Don't fret if you're visiting for the first time and the blog seems out-of-date. We still meet, regular as clockwork; we just don't blog about it every time!

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Last meet of 2012 over!

Ok people, yesterday was our last meet for 2012!  Meetings will resume on the 8th of January 2013 and continue in their bi-monthly fashion as usual.

Met some lovely new faces last night and played some different games.  We did indeed play Professor Liar but I think another run will be needed to determine how reliably good it is.  I think I was a pint too far to be any good.... we'll give it another go on the 8th!

Have a great holiday season and Merry Christmas if you're a Christmasser!

Friday, 7 December 2012

Personally, I'm well-known for my work in Marxist Calculator Theory

Get your creativity caps on because next week, I'll be bringing the necessaries to play the endlessly marvellous Saturday Morning Breakfast Club's 'Professor Liar' parlour game.

This will be our last meet before Christmas but our sister group in Bristol will have another night before then.  They play at the Barley Mow in Bristol on the Tuesday, starting at 7.30pm.  Email Ian for any other details.

Merry Jingle everyone!xx